How One Man Overcame Difficult Circumstances...
...and Created an Entertainment Empire

How you too can
...overcome negative situations
...develop perseverance, character and hope in your life
...transform difficult circumstances into opportunities for immense growth.

His small studio had managed to turn a slight profit producing short cartoon comedies. Then an incredible opportunity arose. The distributor they had been selling to mentioned that a national organisation was looking for a new cartoon character based on a rabbit. He and his animators produced a character that fitted the bill called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

The national organisation was Universal and they loved Oswald—he became a huge success. For a year this man and his studio produced an Oswald cartoon every fortnight which they sold via their distributor to Universal. Then, given the success of the series and his desire for excellence, this man went from his studio in California to meet with his distributor in New York to discuss a new contract. He wanted to negotiate an increased amount for the cartoons so that they could improve their quality.

Then Disaster Struck!

When he arrived in New York he discovered that his distributor had decided to make the Oswald cartoons without him— and had stolen half his animators to do it! All of a sudden he had no contract, no work and only a couple of loyal animators left with nothing to do. He tried to come up with some ideas for new cartoons and pitch them in New York, but to no avail. So eventually he got back on the train to California .

At this point, the betrayal by his colleagues and the resulting bleak circumstances would have left most people disappointed and dejected. Instead of being able to return with the hope of producing more cartoons for more money he'd lost the contract on the cartoon that he'd created as well as half his staff. If ever there was an opportunity for bitterness to seep in this was it. However, it was in the midst of these negative circumstances that this man did not give up—instead, his perseverance kicked in.

On the train trip home he drew some pictures for a new cartoon character, based on an animal that no one had ever used before—a mouse. By the time he arrived in California , he was convinced that this new character was the way forward for his studio. This man's name? Walt Disney. And the character? Mickey Mouse.

What circumstances are you facing at the moment?

What voices are trying to tell you to give up, that it can't work, that it's over? Have trials, circumstances and life in general left you embattled in bitterness and negativity?

The pitfalls of negativity assail us all, no matter what our gender, cultural background or circumstances. But it is not the circumstances that determine the outcome; rather it is what we do with those circumstances. Too often we assess those who seem to do well in life, as having extra special breaks or circumstances that assist them to do well. Yet if you look at the stories of many of those who have had great success, we find that these men and women have overcome great difficulties to achieve that success.

You see, this wasn't the only set of difficulties that Walt Disney had in setting up his studio and creating, with his brother Roy, what was to become an entertainment empire worth over 50 Billion Dollars! Walt's first cartoon enterprise went bankrupt within six months. After creating Mickey Mouse, Walt and Roy lost their best animator to Universal and then had another distributor try to claim the rights to the Mickey Mouse cartoons. In the process of building Disneyland they almost bankrupted the company—and had to find extra funding as the costs blew out from $5 million to $17 million .

Yet every difficult circumstance that Walt and Roy went through shaped how The Walt Disney Company was to do business in the future. Their difficulty with distributors resulted in them setting up their own distribution company – Buena Vista Pictures Distribution, Inc. All the difficulties they had in building Disneyland were fed into the building of Walt Disney World.

But just think, if Walt had given up with the loss of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, dozens of Disney movies may never have been made, the Disney theme parks around the world would not have existed and we may never have even heard of a character by the name of Mickey Mouse.

How to Overcome Difficult Circumstances

Walt Disney had an incredible ability to persevere through difficult circumstances and to turn those circumstances around into opportunities. But did you know that this ability is available to you as well?

In his e-book, Breaching Negativity: The Realising of Hope, Ps Andrew Peters gives you straight-forward principles that enable you to take the negative circumstances of life and transform them into opportunities for positive growth.

Life's circumstances call us as individual persons, made in the likeness and image of the Living God, to make a decision as to what we will do or not do with those circumstances. We can choose to let life's trials, tribulations and difficulties weigh us down, or we can use them to go for the best that we can.

Breaching Negativity is written to assist you to look at the way in which you engage the circumstances of everyday life, and turn them into opportunities for growth in perseverance, character and hope.

Order Breaching Negativity: The Realising of Hope today and discover:

  • How to increase your ability to see and take hold of the opportunities around you. Pages 7 and 12.
  • The three external sources of negativity. Starts on page 13.
  • Why perception is more important than truth. Page 29.
  • How to develop perseverance - something Walt Disney had in bucket loads. Pages 56-57.
  • King David's three step response to negative circumstances that overwhelmed him (and he had quite a few). Pages 19-21.
  • The eight things that we need to develop to grow in Love - this process may surprise you. Page 35.
  • Why positive people bear fruit - and how they do it. Pages 16-17.
  • How to gain an inner resiliency to new challenges and changing times. Page 12.
  • Why you should never underestimate the power of what you believe. Page 29.
  • How to achieve true excellence - the answer is not what you think. Page 66.
  • And much more...

Whatever circumstances have gotten under your skin, made you feel unable to cope, and weighed you down with life's trials, Breaching Negativity aims to help you understand the place of trials, tribulations and difficulties in God's purpose for your life. It provides, clear principles for you to apply to these same circumstances which will enable you to rise above them and use them to do great things for God and His Kingdom.

In an easy-to-read 72 pages, this book takes you through the ways in which negativity seeps into our lives—through circumstances, difficulties and troubles—and shows you how to deal with them so that you grow in perseverance, character and hope. It looks at:

  • The internal nature of negativity;
  • How to overcome negativity's thrust;
  • The relationship between negativity and perception;
  • How negativity limit's God's work in our lives;
  • The way God uses negative circumstances and situations in our lives;
  • The foundations for positive growth, hope and glory;
  • How to develop perseverance, proven character and hope;
  • The place of love in dealing with negativity and the realising of hope.

Sometimes it can be difficult to see the opportunities in the midst of life's troubles. One of the surest lies of negativity is that life has left you behind or that you can never succeed or do well with the little that you have. However, the Book of Proverbs says that 'Abundant food is in the fallow ground of the poor...' In Breaching Negativity you'll learn that even the poorest person has the potential for abundant return on the ground on which they stand.

This e-book teaches you principles that enable you to take the negative and difficult situations that arise in life and turn them around into opportunities for positive growth in perseverance, proven character and hope. It provides an in depth analysis of the effects of negativity, how it arises and how to banish it from your life for good.

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