Did You Know That You're A Leader?

Whether you've been leading one or thousands...
Whether you've had 10 days experience or 30 years (or none)...
Whether you think you are or you're not...

You're a Leader.

And What's More,
There are Things That You Can Do
to Improve Your Ability to Lead

Dear Leader,

Whether you believe that headline or not, you are a leader. There are people in your life that will follow you, who will listen to what you say and who are influenced by the things that you do. Whether you are in a “leadership position” or not, there are people who are affected by what you do—your family, your children, your employees, your co-workers, your friends or even your boss.

While you may never lead an organization of thousands of people (though I'm sure some of you will), if you improve your ability to lead you will increase your ability to impact, influence and inspire those around you.

Many think that great leaders are born—they're the ones that have charisma, charm and even a touch of likeable arrogance. But the truth of the matter is that simply being good looking or a great speaker doesn't make you a great leader. A leader is someone who has followers, and the ability to have followers is something you can learn. Let me repeat that point: leadership is learnt. It is not an innate quality that you are born with.

However, the level of leadership that we attain depends on a number of things. It depends on our exposure to great leaders, our ability to improve our understanding of leadership, to observe what it is that make leaders great and how leadership applies in different circumstances—to understand the dynamics that need to be employed to effective lead a group of people.

That's where Ps Andrew Peter's series on Leadership Dynamics comes in. This series covers a range of dynamics that occur in leadership and how to understand what action needs to be taken in order to become a great leader.

Ps Andrew has been a leader for over thirty years in both small and large churches, organizations and not-for-profit enterprises. He has learnt in the trenches the pitfalls and difficulties of being a leader as well as the joy of the successes. What's more he has taught, and teaches, what he's learnt to up-and-coming leaders and others to take on and grow in their own leadership.

Now he's making all his experience and observations available to you in this series on Leadership Dynamics. Each edition of the series will focus on a different selection of leadership dynamics, elements of being a leader and the challenges that you face.

In short, easy to read editions, these concepts are simple to digest, reflect on and implement, making them a perfect way to develop and grow your leadership.

Part One – Available Now


Leadership Dynamics Part OneThe first edition of the Leadership Dynamics series is now available and will provide an overview of leadership, the difference between transactional and transformational leadership, an understanding of leadership effectiveness and how to deal with cynicism and pessimism. Order your copy of Part One to get Ps Andrew's teaching on:

  • The nature of leadership and influence;
  • The requirements for both visionary and pragmatic leadership;
  • The need for leaders to create vision and develop culture;
  • How to connect vision with results;
  • How to approach organizational change and to engage both those who win and lose from the change;
  • The differences between transactional and transformational leadership;
  • The potential for transformational leadership to inspire and encourage followers to go far beyond expectations and give far more of their potential and resources;
  • Dealing with cynicism and pessimism in leadership;
  • Functioning in the space between complexity and change;
  • The differences between managerial leadership and transformational leadership;
  • Dealing with the tension between control and vision;
  • Breaking the anxiety virus in your business, church or organization;
  • Understanding the effects of leadership malnutrition – this may surprise you;
  • The need for us to bear fruit and be effective in our leadership;
  • Challenging parentalism in leader-follower relationships;
  • Going beyond successful leadership to developing effective leadership;
  • And much more…


Order Leadership Dynamics Part One today and increase your leadership effectiveness…improve your confidence as a leader…and learn not just how to do things right – but to do the right things.

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Yours Sincerely,

Tim Peters
Managing Editor
A.E. & L.A. Peters Outreach Enterprises

P.S. Watch out for Leadership Dynamics Part Two which will be available later in the year, packed with more insights on leadership, including the impact of faith in giving birth to a vision and seeing it through.

Order Leadership Dynamics Part One and we'll keep you posted when Part Two is available...just click below now!