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Leadership Style and Follower Readiness

All leaders face the difficulty of motivating and developing their followers, so the followers achieve the results the leader desires and bears fruit.

Have you ever asked a follower to do a certain task to find later that they either: did not do it; misunderstood what you had said and did some else; or did not do the task the way you wanted it done? Perhaps the reason why is that the leadership style you employed was not appropriate for the readiness of your follower.

Find out how to understand the readiness level of your followers and what leadership styles you need to employ to enable, develop and lead them.

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Diagnosing for Effective Strategy

Many Churches move to address pressing problems within their leadership teams or ministry programs without first diagnosing where the real problems might be. This can mean that a lot of valuable time and finance is spent on addressing the wrong problems and applying the wrong answers.

The processes in this seminar enables a Church and its leadership to diagnose its situation before it begins to find and apply the appropriate solutions.

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