Maximising People for Ministry:
A Gift Discovery Course

by Andrew Peters & Roy Everett

This course aims at helping Christian people to:

  • Discover their gifts and abilities
  • Discover God's destiny and purpose for their life
  • Identify current opportunities for them to use those gifts and abilities in their local church and community.

The course not only aims at helping Christian people discover who they are and God's purpose for their lives, but also informs their local church about their gifts and abilities, as well as their potential purpose in God's work.

Cost: $13.95 per book plus postage

Also Available:

Maximising People for Ministry: Leadership Manual $20

By Andrew Peters M. A. (Theol)


Maximising People for Ministry: Results Database $125

This is a specially prepared database file that is very user friendly and enables churches to record the data from the Workbooks onto their computers. It includes a number of basic report formats. Your church's logo can be included on the results sheets. Please note: This database is designed in Microsoft Access and you will need Microsoft Access 2003 or later installed to use it.