The Basic Acceptance of Ourself:
Gaining Confidence and Security

“The basic acceptance of ourself, as the person God created us to be, builds within us a sense of security that enables us to withstand the impact of rejection and peer-pressure . . . A true acceptance of the person God has made us to be enables us to find a confidence and security within ourselves that is focused upon God and reaches out to a lost world to bring them the love and acceptance of God.” (p2)

Why do we always compare ourselves to others? Whether it is in regards to money, status, looks, clothes, our career or any other aspect of our lives, we so often measure our own success and worth by looking at what others have or achieve. In doing so we frequently overlook, or find it hard to see, the amazing person God has created us to be and the wonderful things he has given us .

In the two articles in Self Acceptance and Healing of Bitterness, Pastor Andrew Peters works through the reasons why we find it hard to accept ourselves and shows us how to see ourselves the way God see us.

You see, when we allow our mental picture of ourselves to be developed solely from the opinions of others we can lose our sense of self-worth and self-esteem. As a result we can think too little of ourselves – sure, we don't necessarily communicate it like that. We may rather communicate it by trying to impress people, achieve things, do things to gain people's acceptance. But all these factors are often just trying to pump-up our own self-image.

“We should note that our status and position in society, no matter how high it is, does not mean we will have a good image of ourselves. Quite often we think so little of ourselves, that we do not realize just who we are to God.” (p3)Not only do we think too little of ourselves but we develop a fear of people and particularly what they will think or do. How many of our actions and decisions are affected by our fear of people? We are afraid of what people will think of us if we dress in a certain way, work a particular job, live in a certain area of town, if we enjoy certain activities. While there can be a number of reasons why we let fear rule our lives, if we have a poor self image and acceptance we will find ourselves living our lives according to other people's standards and wishes and not our own.

How do you overcome the tendency to think too little of yourself?

By learning to accept yourself as the person God made you to be.

“The principle of self-acceptance is the discovery of personal worth through the acceptance of yourself.” (p4) In the first of the two articles in Self-Acceptance and Healing of Bitterness , Pastor Andrew takes us through the causes and symptoms of self-rejection, how to deal with them in our lives and how to understand and apply the principle of self-acceptance: the discovery of personal worth through the acceptance of yourself. The second article then deals with the destructive power of bitterness, how it seeps into our hearts and how to receive healing and release from it through forgiveness.

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